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From manual push and pull to automated sensors

AA Security Co. has access to just about any brand of swinging door hardware that is available. Leveraging our hardware knowledge, we assist the design team to match performance requirements with design attributes, achieving the best outcome possible. Our knowledge includes electronic hardware, hardware specifically designed for LEED projects, as well as sustainability solutions with low draw, high recycle content products. We can also include door-by-door needs, descriptions of operation, and general wiring diagrams.

From Consultation to Installation

When deciding on appropriate door hardware, we work with you to drill down the “must-haves,” the “like-to-haves,” and the “this-is-what-I-want-to-pay”. Our expert staff and technicians are trained to install and adjust all door hardware components, so you always know who to call when something is amiss.

Designer door handles and door hardware.

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Door Hardware in a commercial setting.

Door Hardware & Beyond

We maintain relationships with all the major brands of designer door hardware and can obtain standard products as well as develop custom hardware within the scope of the MFG capability for your project. With our supply chain relationships, if it is in stock in the U.S., we can get it for you.

As a Medeco Service Center, we have deep relationships with Assa Aboly and a preference for Medeco key control and patented key systems. We also carry the Arrow Lock brand as a cost effective platform for common hardware needs. However, it’s all about your priorities and the requirements of the project. We choose products that provide the solution you want

Points to Consider When Buying Door Hardware

There are several aspects to take into consideration when shopping for door hardware, including type of door and grades of hardware.

Many people have misconceptions when looking at door hardware: a lock is a lock, any closer will work, and why do I have to think of kick plates, door stops, door viewers, and seals?

Hardware has grades describing minimum requirements from 1 to 3 – and each grade determines the life cycle and abuse capability. Each manufacturer then determines which of their products will meet or exceed these minimum grade levels.

Additionally, to complete a swinging door system, all aspects of use and code compliance need to be reviewed together with the individual component’s MFG requirements.

As an example, in most applications, closers require a door stop to maintain their warranty with the MFG. For egress, a single action is required to exit and limits the hardware solutions when extra security is desired.

Glass double door with pushbar handles