reducing touch pointsWhether your area has already forged ahead with reopening or you’re located in a state that’s being incredibly cautious, there’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted how we do business. While the U.S. economy is a major concern, the continued rise in confirmed coronavirus cases illustrates the importance of taking every possible precaution when reopening.

No doubt, your business will be working through official lists of guidelines and ordinances provided to you by relevant government agencies to help keep employees, customers, and visitors as safe as possible. But one thing that may not be included in those lists is the idea of reducing touch points throughout your facility by installing hands free door openers and other technologies. By opting for touchless doors, particularly around the most highly trafficked areas, you’ll be able to keep your facility secure and protect the well-being of everyone who walks in or out.

In today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at why reducing touch points with touchless entryways makes sense (and cents!) for your business.

  1. Lowered Transmission Risk: The most obvious reason to reduce touchpoints whenever possible is to lower the risk of COVID-19 transmission, as well as other diseases. If employees, clients, and customers don’t need to turn a knob, pull a handle, or push a bar in order to gain entry to your facility, they won’t have to put themselves in harm’s way by touching a potentially contaminated surface. After all, a new study suggested that the novel coronavirus can survive on surfaces like plastic and stainless steel for up to three days. Since doorknobs and handles are often considered hot spots for germs, you’ll be able to eliminate or drastically reduce this problem by installing touchless entries.
  2. Decreased Cleaning Time and Costs: Another compelling argument for reducing touch points is that you’ll subsequently free up time and costs associated with frequent cleaning. Upon reopening, many businesses will need to ensure their regular staff is put on cleaning duty; others will have to hire additional custodial staff to keep up with sanitization requirements. While it remains essential to clean and sanitize frequently throughout your facility, anything you can do to cut down on time and money spent for these purposes — without sacrificing on quality — will likely be welcomed. Thanks to touchless doors, you’ll be able to devote cleaning efforts elsewhere and increase efficiency.
  3. Improved Public Image: Don’t forget that clients, consumers, and workers need to be able to trust their favorite brands. During these uncertain times, your organization might be viewed with a more skeptical eye if you aren’t willing to be very transparent about how you’re protecting your employees and customers. Reducing touch points by installing touch free doors can play an important part in your reopening plan and have a positive effect on your brand overall. The benefits extend beyond the pandemic, as well. Not only are automatic and touch-free doors cleaner, but they’re also incredibly convenient. Whether someone is carrying heavy bags or they simply enjoy the star treatment, these kinds of door entry systems can set your brand apart.

Now that the reasons to install touch free doors are clearer than ever, you might want to consider incorporating this option into your reopening plan. For more on how our automatic door systems can help your business can thrive upon reopening, please contact us today.