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Access Control Systems For Your Business

AA Security Co. will help identify the access control system needs for your business and develop product specifications based on the project requirements. Whether you need new access control, have an existing system that needs updating, or are looking to integrate multiple systems, look to us for your security needs.

We provide access control systems and design for residential, commercial, industrial, education, healthcare, and government projects. Our expert team will help you navigate the complexities of doors, door hardware, keys, access control, and leveraging the growing IP, Wi-Fi, and wireless technologies available.

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Existing Access Control Systems

We partner with many manufacturers to identify the best match to add to an existing system as easily and as painlessly as possible. Whether a new or an existing commercial access control system, we review the site and site plans, then design a system based on the requirements and budgets of your project. We work with you to drill down the “must-haves,” the “like-to-haves,” and the “this-is-what-I-want-to-pay.” We provide descriptive estimates, and if you choose to move forward with us, the fee is credited back to you.

We can also include door-by-door hardware specifications, descriptions of operation, and general wiring diagrams. Our expert technicians are trained to install and adjust the components of the front-end hardware to the back-end access system. This makes it simple for you to know who to call when something is amiss with your current system; we can also work with your current integrator or access control provider to help make everything work smoothly right from start up.

Subcontractors For Access Control

Access control integrators and contractors are not expert hardware installers nor hardware experts. We are. Let AA Security be your preferred subcontractor in all your building designs and installations.

This provides a consistent design platform, proper hardware for the opening, and a life-cost savings over the planned use of the building. In addition, this consistent approach makes replacements and maintenance over multiple buildings easier, smarter, and less costly over the life of the building.