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Low Energy Automatic Doors and Systems

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law, not a code. State, county, and local codes only help to guide you as to how to satisfy the law’s requirements of the openings for your building, not to be in compliance with the federal ADA law. AA Security Co. will meet with you to discuss the openings being considered for low energy automatic doors and provide brand specific or general features, with a description of operation for your project. Our expert team, will assist you in determining your swinging door needs, whether pneumatic, electro-hydraulic, or strictly electronic.

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With the complexities of access control, a professional consultation is vital to ensure proper automatic door operation and longevity. It is crucial to obtain clear descriptions of operations in order to put the correct product and systems in place. We provide descriptive estimates, and if you choose to move forward with us, the fee is credited back to you.

Our expert automatic door system technicians are trained to install and adjust the components of the low energy operator, including front-end hardware to the back-end access system. This makes it simple for you to know who to call when something is amiss.

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Our Project Management Style

We work as part of your team. We can coordinate the different subs as it applies to our portion of the project, or even utilize our own expert team to execute the multiple aspects of the automatic door installation – it’s your choice.