Protecting your business is your number one priority. Business threats come in all shapes and sizes from data breaches and cybercriminals to employee theft and vandalism. It’s crucial to establish security protocols and procedures to avoid lost trust, data, revenue, and productivity.

To protect your organization, employees, and customers, here are some of the most common security mistakes business owners make and what you can do to avoid making those same mistakes yourself.

Not keeping tabs on who has access and where

Your company’s locks are your business’ first line of defense and it’s best to have locks with innovative and comprehensive key control. However, your physical locks can’t tell you when someone has accessed your building and at what time. That’s where an access control system comes in.

An access control system helps to take your business’ physical security up a notch. Not only does your access control system help keep unauthorized people out of your building and out of certain rooms but your access control system also lets you know who is accessing which part of the building at what time.

Foregoing the alarm system

After secure locks, an alarm system ought to be your second level of security. Thieves and burglars are more likely to get scared off by the loud alert system, which helps to protect your company assets. In fact, properties that lack a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized.

AA Safe and Security partners with so you can install alarm systems at your place of business that offer real-time alerts and notifications, management to IoT solutions, and easy-to-understand security reports. You can either self-monitor your alarm system or have the system professionally monitored for your peace of mind.

Keeping important information in onsite locations

When you store important information in onsite locations, you put your data and your customers’ data at risk. Cloud security options help to prevent unwanted visitors and cybercriminals from gaining access to your data and your building. Cloud security ensures that your information is protected but accessible only to authorized individuals. What’s more, you never have to worry about your data succumbing to natural disasters like fire because it’s kept securely in the cloud.

Ready to update your business security? AA Safe and Security has you covered. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your access systems, install automatic door systems to reduce touchpoints, install an alarm system, or invest in cloud security, we have the security solutions for you. To learn more about our products and security services, contact AA Safe and Security today.