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Custom CCTV Systems

Ceiling-Mounted CCTV System

Points to Consider With CCTV Systems

There are several aspects to take into consideration when shopping for CCTV, including your goals for the system.

  • Is it for general views and later investigation?
  • Is it to go to court with evidence?
  • Does it need to identify patterns of flow or other data for layout or advance warnings?
  • Does it need to show certain areas so that packages are not left behind?
  • Is it being monitored or will meta data input be needed for quick review of footage.
  • There are thousands of things that an image capture can do, and we work alongside you to determine the best options.

Video As A Service

Unlike traditional DVR or NVR surveillance systems, our Eagle Eye partnership extends our professionally installed CCTV offerings with a cloud-based Video as a Service option. Cloud based services provide a reliable path for 24/7 accessible off-site storage that no longer relies on costly dedicated servers or is vulnerable to hard drive failure. Cloud based options safe guard footage from being manipulated and or deleted, damaged from fire or flood, or theft of the equipment.

For Home Video, by leveraging our 2GiG and products and services, homeowners and small businesses can leverage battery operated Image sensors in conjunction with easy to use plug and play cameras and storage devices, with in the application video clip capability. Now you can create your own camera system, or have us design it for you.

CCTV System shows multiple warehouse angles simultaneously

Quality and Professional Services

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Remote CCTV Camera Guarding Services

No matter the industry, Remote Guarding offers the flexibility to solve the unique security concerns of any
client. Our solution is customized to each client’s specific property and business needs. Our experienced team
works closely with each client to pinpoint vulnerabilities and create the right combination of people, processes
and technology to eliminate any security threats.

Subcontractors For CCTV Systems

Let AA Security be your preferred subcontractor in all your building designs and video installations. This provides a consistent design platform, proper equipment, and a life-cost savings over the planned use of the system. In addition, this consistent approach makes replacements and maintenance over multiple buildings easier, smarter, and less costly overall.

CCTV System Installation

Custom CCTV and Network Video Systems

AA Security Co. will help identify your video system needs and then develop product specifications based on the project. With a customized system, you can utilize camera technologies and meet needs that a “system in a box” or prepackaged video system cannot. Whether you need a new system or have an existing system that needs updating or additions, look to us for your video needs. Our expert team – which services Davenport to Watsonville, Palo Alto to Gilroy, and everywhere in between – will help you navigate the complexities of video systems. Every video project is a custom order in that every project has specific functional and storage requirements. We’ve yet to come across a situation that couldn’t be solved.