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Door Buzzer Systems For Offices and Apartments

AA Security Co. will work with your construction team and/or architect to identify specific entry system needs. Whether an entry system for a multi-tenant development, a door buzzer system installation, or a residential system, we will develop product specifications or features based on your project requirements. We can also include door-by-door hardware needs, descriptions of operation, and general wiring diagrams. Our expert team – which daily services Davenport to Watsonville, Palo Alto to Gilroy, and everywhere in between – will help you understand the complexities of entry systems.

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Whether new or existing entry systems, we review the site or plans, and design a system based on the expressed needs, desires, and target budget desired. We work with you to drill down the “must-haves,” the “like-to-haves,” and the “this-is-what-I-want-to-pay.” For a fee, we provide descriptive estimates, and if you choose to move forward with us, the fee is credited back to you. Our expert technicians are trained to install and adjust the components of the front-end entry system hardware to the back-end system. This makes it simple for you to know who to call when something is amiss.

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Servicing Entry Systems

We prefer open technology that doesn’t bind the end user to yearly software costs nor specific hardware, leaning toward browser-based systems. However, it’s all about your priorities and the requirements of the entry system project. We choose products that provide the solution you want.

Existing Entry Systems

We partner with many manufacturers to identify the best match to add to an existing entry system as easily and as painlessly as possible. Servicing an entry system, especially a multi-tenant system, can be a complex process. Each component, starting with the door and frame, the initial install, current hardware and condition, wires, power, control relays, even the version of software, needs to be checked.