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As we all continue to navigate through this new normal, of wearing masks and other PPE, (personal protective equipment) we believe you should seriously consider creating a plan to update your offices and facilities to as many touchless points of contact as possible.

We have compiled a couple of helpful videos, and they can be easily viewed by clicking on their links.

View this video on reducing touchpoints around your office:

This video can help provide some guidance on what people touch every day and what people will likely be thinking about when they go back to work. Start with your front doors, then think of other areas within your offices and facilities that it would make sense to add hands-free / touch-free solutions that can help reduce touchpoints to help keep people safer.  Helpful methods for reducing touchpoints on front doors, restroom doors etc

Here are just a few more tips and tricks for reducing touch points in your facility.

Tip 1 – Leave Interior Doors open that aren’t a Security Risk. You can do this with a door closer with a hold-open arm.

Tip 2 – Consider switching to motion-activated or smart switches for your lights. “Alexa”, turn on the lights!

Tip 3 – Use Automatic Door Openers with wave to open or RF features on High Traffic Exterior or Interior and Restroom doors.

New wave to open and / touch free solutions can also be retrofitted to replace your existing ADA push buttons currently in place. Please contact us to learn more about these and other helpful solutions that provide peace of mind.